Put a Ring on It

Val Armorr, the Legion's "Karate Kid," makes Batman look like an untalented hack.

I got some intel from a con[vention] acquaintance I know about a promotion that DC comics was having. I noticed on Facebook that he was sporting a very interesting piece of jewelry – a flight ring from the comic series The Legion of Super-Heroes. If you’re not familiar with the Legion, you’re missing out.

See, in the 30th century, there weren’t any superheroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, or the Flash to protect citizens of the United Planets. Inspired by the heroes of yesteryear, a group of teenagers decided to band together to protect the galaxy from any potential evildoers. These teens called themselves The Legion of Super-Heroes and it grew to become what is likely the largest group of superheroes in comic history.

You can take every X-Man EVER (including affiliates) throughout time, and that number still probably doesn't come close to a TENTH of the Legion's total members.

The Legion membership is most likely so large because the Legion are more or less the end-all, be-all for superhero membership in the 30th century (excepting the Legion of Substitute Heroes, but they’re still the second bananas to the Legion of Super-Heroes). Unlike the Justice League & Justice Society, Legion members are mostly made up of people with natural abilities from their planets with a few that had some sort of accident. There’s even one character who has absolutely no powers at all – just raw talent.  Am I getting off track again? I believe I am.

You know you want one, too. Don't lie.

So, the Legion flight ring not only allows flight, but it also acts as a environmental suit for off-world travel. It is given to all members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. So why am I blabbling on and on about the Legion and their ring? Because I am a HUGE fan of the Legion. I first discovered them about 10 years ago after reading the original Crisis on Infinite Earths which was created in the mid-80s to straighten out the hundreds of parallel universes that DC had created and I became very enamored with their version of the future. OH MY GOD, I just can’t stop getting off-topic, can I?

Anyway, my boy & his buddies are sporting the Legionnaire flight ring in a Facebook picture and when I asked him about it, he said that comic stores were giving them out with Legion comics. Since I was passing a comic store on the way to donate plasma, I decided to stop there to see if they had any rings. Apparently, what my buddy had forgotten to mention (and what I found out at the comic shop) is that this promotion was MONTHS ago. As in September/October months ago. There are no more. It has ceased to be. And thus, I cannot have my Legionnaire flight ring.

This makes me a saaaaaad panda


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